About Us

About Us

Within the course of our operation, we quickly took our place among the leading companies in the sector and made our customer focused work and quality policy standard.

Fiberchem Chemical Industry and Trade Limited Company, with active participation of all its employees, takes into consideration the needs and possibilities of the customers and we use the resources in an economical, efficient and efficient way to make the customer satisfaction continuous.

Fiberchem Chemical Industry and Trade Limited Company, we act with total quality management understanding in sales and after sales services. We continue to work with precise customer satisfaction principle with our experienced and wide cadres.

As a result of increasing market demand, we have established our customer potential and dealer network expanding under the name of Fiberchem brand and we will continue to expand this network with new teammates.

In our sector, we aim to offer the best quality to you, our customers, and to serve you 24 hours a day with our logistic support.

We use the latest technological production tools.
We deliver from stock without waiting.
We are sensitive to the environment and nature.
We work with our Arge Department for Permanent Success.
Customer satisfaction is our priority.

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