Quality Policy

Quality Policy

As Fiberchem Chemical Industry and Trade Limited Company, we offer wide range of environmentally friendly and high technology textile auxiliary chemicals to the textile sector.


Our company's quality policy;


  • To provide the products and services best suited to the needs of our customers. Keep customer relations and satisfaction at the forefront and always be with our customers before and after sales.

  • Our products, technical support and services, adding value to the activities of our customers, their preferred point of supply.

  • UR-GE's work that we have carried out in our laboratories is to increase the satisfaction of our customers with the products we have developed and by offering the most accurate solutions and products to our customers' needs.

  • To increase the variety of products and services that we have presented with domestic production possibilities. We aim to increase customer satisfaction by
    responding to the needs of our customers in the fastest way in terms of logistics and supply diversity.

  • To provide the continuous improvement of our employees with conscious participation of high motivation and success.

  • To increase the individual skills and contributions of our employees through continuous training.

  • My employees provide a good standard of living and the future.

  • Offer our products and services in accordance with the laws that bind our company; and we pledge to abide by the current regulations and legislation.

  • We aim to continuously improve all aspects of our company's success and the quality of our products.

  • Being a leading company in the sector in terms of environmental awareness, technology and quality.
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